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Kontrast: Cosmopolitan brasserie celebrating culinary contrast and the shared act of dining

Kontrast: Cosmopolitan brasserie celebrating culinary contrast and the shared act of dining

True to its title, Kontrast unites the unrefined edge of urban Vesterbro with the sleek sophistication of the inner city. The restaurant is a cosmopolitan brasserie, contrasting local flavour with spices from Southern Europe and Northern Africa. The atmosphere of Kontrast is warm and intimate, inspiring diners to share in the transformative experience of dining together. Menu courses consist of seasonal and organic ingredients and feature sustainably produced meat and fish from local farmers.

Renowned culinary talents treat diners to boundary-pushing flavours and experiences


Spearheading Villa Copenhagen’s gastronomic universe is Executive Chef, Tore Gustafsson. Tore is known for creating enchanting culinary experiences as the Head Chef of Paté Paté and has been a steady household name on Copenhagen’s restaurant scene since 2011. Together with Kontrast’s Head Chef, Carl Henriksson, the duo seeks to create unique and lasting culinary encounters.


“With Kontrast, we must cultivate the diversity and dare to create culinary experiences that challenge and push the boundaries. Kontrast tastes of Turkey and Morocco mixed with a bit of Denmark and my own native country Sweden. The concept of Kontrast is basically about creating togetherness and experiences. At Kontrast dishes from different cultures are shared across the table. Kontrast is a cosmopolitan melting pot, where responsible consumption and production and the continuous strive for great taste are at the core of our foundation,” explains Tore Gustafsson.




Our pledge to Sustainability


Kontrast has taken our sustainability pledge one step further through its partnership with Zero Footprint. Founded by a pair of award-winning culinary experts in 2014, the non-profit organization collaborates with restaurants across the world to fund carbon-farming initiatives. The process is simple. Kontrast offers its diners the option to donate 1% from their meal, which is then donated to agricultural grants. These grants are poured directly into the hands of those who need them most, helping subsidize regenerative farming projects and pathing the way for a carbon-neutral future.