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The Villa Copenhagen history

The Villa Copenhagen history



Inside the former Central Post Office building in Copenhagen, a vibrant, contemporary hospitality concept is taking shape, unfolding in the spring of 2020. Dating back to 1912, the landmark building is located in the very heart of Copenhagen, across from the Central Station and the Tivoli Gardens. Here, quality-oriented and socially conscious visitors will find a temporary home offering a curated range of experiences aimed at bringing people together.


The impressive Neo-Baroque building by the junction of Bernstorffsgade and Tietgensgade has been carefully restored to appear exactly as it did for its inauguration in 1912 when the Danish postal service moved their headquarters to the address. Today, it remains a centre for communication; a place where people can connect in a historic setting where past, presence and future come together in an inspiring and playful ambience.


Villa opens up to Copenhagen as a locally rooted meeting point, accommodating not only visitors from outside of Copenhagen, but encouraging local residents to convene for work, social activities, meetings etc., stimulating and connecting people. The idea is to build and establish a community rather than simply a hotel; to contribute something to the city and neighbourhood while offering guests a fluid experience of being part of the local community.


Geographically, Villa has one foot firmly planted in the central, old part of Copenhagen, and the other in the more edgy, hip neighbourhood of Vesterbro. However, diversity and contrast isn’t merely reflected in our location, but in our approach to the many aspects of hospitality on offer at Villa.


Despite its grand surroundings and historic touch, the kind of luxury offered at Villa is accessible and homely – the space is a magnificent backdrop with an intimate, attentive atmosphere that embraces a diverse group of people. We’re a destination of contrasts; of quality, of laid-back, sustainable luxuries, redefining 5-star hospitality in a city like Copenhagen.


Villa is an invitation to take part in the Danish way of life; an opportunity to partake as well as contribute to an atmosphere that is vibrant, friendly and personal. When you enter Villa, you enter Copenhagen. We’ve looked beyond hospitality in its traditional sense to connect people and have visitors be part of the city and community in untraditional ways.






Once referred to as Copenhagen’s most costly building, the home of Villa Copenhagen is rather unique. In restoring the historic site, several specialised craftsmen have been onboard to restore and rebuild original structures and give new life to materials used for the original exterior.


Original construction- and design details have been identified in the process of restoring and rebuilding the structure, and these elements will reappear in the new and modernised building.

Copper from the façade is reused for details in the interior and the original cobber details on the garrets and spiers of the roof have been repaired.


The VILLA experience


On majestic display for first-time visitors arriving to Copenhagen’s Central Station, or those passing through on a daily basis, heading to or from work, Villa is an invitation for the curious.

Villa is a hybrid concept in a league of its own; the perfect backdrop for all from work-related gatherings and meetings to casual hangouts, friendly dinners or coffee on the go. It’s a fluid and dynamic space for the modern city dweller, and a place of multifaceted inspiration for the adventurous, socially conscious and quality-aware.


Upon entering the former Central Post Office building, you’re met by eye-pleasing, grand interiors. Regardless of the length of your stay, you’ll find yourself at ease. Considering luxury in terms of experiences, we embrace the many, and favour human interaction, inspiration and indulging. We reflect the Danish, unpretentious way of life; the bold and accessible, cool and casual. Despite the grand framework, Villa is informal, warm and welcoming. It’s the source and base for quality in connecting – a space that enthuses the trading of ideas and sparks conversation. Over coffee, over cocktails, over quality cuisine.