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SHAMBALLA JEWELS on their collaboration with Villa Copenhagen

At the heart of Villa Copenhagen lies the ambition to redefine the industry through responsible consumption and state of the art experiences of beauty, knowledge and humanity. Part of this ambition is brought to life through notable cross industry collaborations that create memorable experiences for its guests. One such collaboration is the partnership with the Danish high-end jewellery brand Shamballa Jewels.

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By preserving old and charming elements of the historical and unique building and combining these with the values of Shamballa Jewels, the founders, Mads and Mikkel Kornerup, have managed to create a vibe and an atmosphere of historical significance that match the modern-day life of the quality-oriented travellers searching for experiences that combine Eastern spirituality of peace and serenity with modern-day luxury. 

The crowning achievements of the collaboration is the signature suite, the boardroom and the courtyard. As Mikkel Kornerup explains about the signature suite, “it has been important for us to respect the history and the inherent beauty of the building. We have worked with old drawings from the archives to find the right balance between preservation of historical features and establishing a modern suite”. 

The Shamballa Jewels brand and values are evident throughout the seven suites, boardroom, and courtyard designed by the luxury brand. In charge of the design of the courtyard and old boardroom is Shamballa Jewels Interior Architect and Designer, Olga Krukovskaya. When asked about the vision of the collaboration, she explains, “We wanted to create a space that will become a destination. The courtyard bridges the past and present, and is overall an impressive, vibrant room with a cosmopolitan, yet Copenhagen feel. Our ambition was to create a unique setting, exuding elegance, happiness and magic in this extraordinary and beautiful building”. 

When asked about her thoughts on taking on the task of renovating the historic boardroom she explains, “the old boardroom is one of the most beautiful spaces within the hotel. A historic room that successfully exudes the grandeur in its very detail. Characterised by the high and richly ornamented ceiling, mahogany wall panelling, tapestry and crystal chandeliers. I remember the first time we stepped into this room. It was a breath-taking experience. I hope that guests will be met by similar emotions upon entering this beautiful space”.