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Q&A with Eva Harlou of Earth Studio: Introducing Copenhagen’s first eco-friendly luxury suite

Eva Harlou of Copenhagen-based architecture and design practice, Earth Studio, on the collaboration with Villa, designing the eco-friendly Earth Suite.


Why did Earth Studio decide to enter into this project and partnership with Villa?


Villa is a dream client in that they share our ambitions and sustainability agenda. Our partnership is a fantastic opportunity for us to design and realize what we care most about and specialize in; environmentally friendly interiors.


What are your ambitions for this project – how are you hoping to make your mark on the hotel?


We’re hoping to show guests that sustainability can go hand in hand with luxury, comfort and an all-in-all unforgettable hotel experience. Regardless of the project, we always set out to create designs and interiors of top quality. We don’t want to force the sustainability aspect if it means we won’t arrive at the best possible result, look and feel. Then, of course, there are certain things you expect as a visitor when you book yourself into a luxury suite. It should be comfortable with classic conveniences provided throughout the space. 


It’s our duty to take care of the environment and use our craft and expertise for the better, but it’s also vital to us, as architects, that the suite is memorable to people for other reasons than its environmentally friendly focus and features. It has to be an incredibly experience throughout, and we want to introduce fun and surprising elements to the space. 


What does a sustainable hotel suite mean for a hotel in Copenhagen today?


It was an ideal time and place for us to do a sustainable and environmentally friendly hotel suite, as Copenhagen is a green city that values and promotes environmental initiatives. The Earth Suite is a space for us to showcase new, sustainable design, and introduce new and innovative solutions. It’s in ours, the city’s and Villa’s interest to lead by example when it comes to sustainable hospitality and design.


Can you elaborate on individual elements inside the suite that makes it sustainable?


We’ve recovered and reused construction materials from the renovation of the Post Office, including bricks and wood from the roof and ceiling used for lamellas. The suite will have clad tile flooring. Processing clay into tile flooring doesn’t require a complex and extensive amount of resources, which makes it an ideal solution. It will also last a great many years and doesn’t require much maintenance.


We’ve also introduced other recycled materials, such as plastic textiles. All furniture pieces and products curated for the suite interior have an environmentally friendly profile, having been made from certified wood and textiles, as well as amenities designed and produced in an effort to care for the climate in the best possible way. Another aspect of the sustainable design of the suite are the generally durable materials chosen for the interior; high quality materials that resist years of wear and tear.



How are you hoping to activate and engage people with the suite concept?


The suite can be booked like any other suite or hotel room. However, people can dive into its universe of luxurious sustainability through a curated selection of furniture pieces and products. These can all be found in pop-up shops at Villa[MS1]  as well as online through Villa’s webshop. We’re introducing a space and concept that we hope will stay up-to-date, and accomplish this by updating the interior design edit as new and increasingly more sustainable design sees the light of day. We’re also planning to use the suite for events aimed at promoting sustainable design.


What collaborators have you worked with on the suite and why did you choose them?


The Danish furniture company Mater designs sustainable furniture pieces and provides the majority of the furniture pieces and lighting. We’ve designed the bespoke elements as well as a couple of other pieces for the room, and then we’re working with green brands like Auping.


Could you tell us a bit about your thoughts behind the bike and punching bag inside the suite?


We wanted to introduce fun and surprising elements to the suite. The bike is and represents, in many ways, the very essence of Copenhagen, so we thought it was a fitting feature. This, as well as the bouldering wall and punching bag, serves as a luxurious element for guests, as they won’t have to leave the room to complete their daily workout.