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Earth Suite: Introducing Villa's sustainable luxury suite

When sustainability goes hand in hand with luxury, comfort and an all-in-all an unforgettable hotel experience.

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Villa Copenhagen x Earth Studio Collaboration

Earth Studio’s collaboration with Villa Copenhagen was an ideal collaboration as we both share the same ambitions and sustainable goals. The partnership was a fantastic opportunity for Earth Studio to design and realize what we care the most for and specialize in, environmentally friendly spaces.

We are hoping to show our guests that sustainability can go hand in hand with luxury, comfort and an all-in-all unforgettable hotel experience. Regardless of the project, we always set out to create designs and interiors of top quality. We don’t want to force the sustainability aspect if it means we will not arrive at the best possible result, look and feel. Then, of course, there are certain things you expect as a visitor when you book yourself into a luxury suite. It should be comfortable with classic conveniences provided throughout the space. 

It is our duty to take care of the environment and use our craft and expertise for the better, but it is also vital to us, as architects, that the suite is memorable to people for other reasons than it is environmentally friendly focus and features. It must be an incredibly experience throughout, and we want to introduce fun and surprising elements to the space. 

It was an ideal time and place for Earth Studio to do a sustainable and environmentally friendly hotel suite, as Copenhagen is a green city that values and promotes environmental initiatives. The Earth Suite is a space for us to showcase new, sustainable design, and introduce new and innovative solutions. It is in ours, the city’s and Villa’s interest to lead by example when it comes to sustainable hospitality and design.


Earth Suite Sustainable Elements:

Earth Suite has been designed and executed with the fullest attention on sustainability. All elements in the hotel regardless of the scale have a sustainable profile. Materials used either have an environmentally friendly profile or have been created from scratch from reclaimed and recycled materials from the renovation of the hotel. Another aspect of sustainable design was selection of durable materials that resists years of wear and tear.  All products provided by Mater including furniture, lighting and accessories have a green profile as it is Mater’s core value. Other furniture such as Auping Noa bed produced by Auping follows Cradle to Cradle philosophy in the production.

The highlights from the Earth Suite include the Earthpaste which is made from reclaimed crushed bricks from the renovation of the Postgaard building into Villa Copenhagen. The lamella wall which is a dominant feature of the hotel suite uses either reclaimed wood from the renovation of the roof or uses FSC certified wood. Another aspect of the sustainability was to use materials that have the lowest impact on the environment in their production and have a longer lifespan than standard materials, this includes the dominant brick floor. Processing clay into flooring brick tiles does not require extensive resources and only uses natural material in the process that could be put back into earth cycle without any environmental impacts.





Earth Punchbag:

Earth Punchbag is specifically designed for Earth Suite by Earth Studio. It features minimal details and takes punches well. The leather is carefully selected from a range of vegetable tanned leathers by Sørensen Leather without the use of chrome or chemicals. Natural imperfections add character to the leather and patina over time make the leather more elegant. Punch bag is filled with recycled fishnet plastic pellets, same fishnet pellets make Mater’s iconic ocean chair. Punch bag showcases Earth Suite’s logo and it is a perfect gym equipment for home or a private gym.



Earthcycle is built from a timeless vintage bike frame, refinished and retouched with handmade details by Recycles Copenhagen to function as a gym bike. Why ride a new bike while you can ride in a fashionable vintage style. Cycling is the way of life in Copenhagen and a dominating feature of the cityscape, Earthcycle celebrates this healthier and environmentally friendly lifestyle.



Earthpaste is made from leftover reclaimed bricks from the renovation of the Postgaard building into Villa Copenhagen. Crushed bricks have been gathered and recycled into powder format and turned into a paste, applied to the western wall of the Earth Suite. The Earthpaste is reminiscent of Postgaard building and celebration of bricks as one of the greenest building materials used in Danish architecture.


Auping Noa Bed: (double check with Auping)

The Noa bed is designed by Earth Studio for Auping. The Noa bed is a modern take on classic Scandinavian furniture characterized by simplicity, elegant details and high quality craftmanship. Simple details on the bed frame, headboard and leg give the bed its signature look. Auping and Earth Studio both share the same sustainable and environmental goals. Auping production of Noa bed follows Cradle to Cradle philosophy meaning all products and processes are a resource for something new which goes beyond recycling. No waste or harmful materials are used in the process and Auping factory uses renewable energy such as solar power in the production of Noa. In addition to the bed, the Auping mattress is a circular mattress meaning it is made with decent and healthy materials which can be infinitely recycled to make a new mattress.